Mindful Eating

“When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” · Zen Proverb

Mindful Eating Is All About Eating Without The Burden of Your Mind


Mindful Eating is all about eating consciously while remaining in the stillness. If you want to know how wise and enlightened someone is, just observe the person eating. Disclaimer ( I will not be responsible for your reaction to that person ) …

Most people while eating becomes more unconscious. I have seen so many wise, spiritual persons until the food arrives on their table and suddenly they go wild without even realizing it.

This is the basic problem of the human mind. It has inherited this problem since early ages. As we know there was a time in humanity when man used to eat like animals. At that time he was unaware of how to save the food for the next day so he used to eat wildly.Another fear was that what if the other person will do if he will know me. So at that time it was best to eat wildly.

Thanks to some external evolutions now, we don’t have this problem externally, but still somewhere in the human mind the problem is present. Mindful Eating is all about dealing with this problem.

Tips for mindful eating:

Always sense fully the taste of your food.

Yes, always sense the taste and realize the energy field of the food you are eating. Every food has an energy field. By doing this you will soon know that how healthy or unhealthy the food is. Taste the apple next time you eat, you will feel every bite differently.

Be present in the moment

The human mind wants to eat all at once. It does allow the person to taste the thing being eaten. It is also the same with water. You drink more than eight glasses of water daily but you don’t know what you are drinking. You don’t taste it you just want to finish the work. Never ever play this game with your food. Food gives you life energy.

Eat patiently

Don’t be afraid, No early men will come and take your food. Take it easy, enjoy your food. Nature has given food the power to change your mood. How many times food has been able to change your attitude. By the way a bar of chocolate works for me.

Be alert when buying your food

Use your bodily intelligence rather than your mind while making eating decisions. The mind will want more sugar, but the body knows what is the requirement of this moment. So always be still before eating. Let your body make decisions.

Know what is the meaning of mindfulness and do some mindfulness exercises in daily life. It will help you to not only eat wisely but also in every area of your life. Mindfulness is a way to enlightenment. By taking initiative on this small thing, who knows where it will take you.




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