10 Things You Can Do Today to Attract Positive Energy

Every moment you have a choice – to be at peace or to be in resistance. When you are at peace, you attract positive energy and when you resist you create negative vibes that reflect back on your being. It’s a simple choice and yet most people unconsciously choose to live in negativity.
It’s not your boss, colleagues, parents, ex or the traffic, but your own perception that creates stress and negative energy. Circumstances are neutral. You will generate positive vibes when your inner state is one of alignment and congruence, instead of being in resistance.


Here are a few tips to attract positive energy into your life by staying in touch with your inner peace and stillness.

1.) Start Your Day With Meditation


Any form of meditation is helpful but it’s best to keep it simple.

Just practice the meditation of becoming aware of your presence. You don’t have to sit in any strident posture; just relax and feel your consciousness or presence in the midst of the thoughts and emotions.

If you want, you can also consider chanting a mantra like ‘OM’ or ‘AUM’. Focus your complete attention on this sound and the vibration it creates in your body. This is a very powerful practice that creates a positive vibe throughout the body.

2.) Listen to Uplifting Music

Image result for music

The right music can heal and raise our vibrations.

Create a playlist of songs that have a positive affect on you. Listen to this playlist every morning immediately after waking up or while getting ready for the day.

Dance or move your body to the rhythm if you feel like. This is a great way to get your share of exercise for the day and in doing so, shake off that lethargic/draining energy from your body.

3.) Treat Everyone the Way You Want to be Treated

Treat everyone equally

A day is easily ruined when you start holding resentment against someone. Know that everything is oneness and though we appear as different forms, everything is the manifestation of the one true essence.

When you see others as yourself you will not harbor negative feelings and in turn your attitude will attract positive energy from the people around you.

4.) Let Go of Your Need to Control

Let go quote

Life is a flux and its nature is change. The more you resist the more a particular situation will persist.

Whenever you try to control a life situation, you will feel stressed out and this will generate a lot of negative energy.

Just imagine life to be a raging river, does it serve any purpose to struggle? Wouldn’t it be much more relaxing and peaceful if you just let go and allow yourself to float with the flow? People who stay surrendered and relaxed generate a lot of positive energy and attract the grace of life.

5.) Learn to See the Positive in Every Situation

Know that good and bad are just perceptions created in the conditioned mind. In reality every life situation is pure grace and is the manifestation of the one truth – call it God or Spirit or Energy. When you see every situation with this innocence, it will reveal its grace to you.

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6.) Visualize a Peaceful Life

Visualize a positive life

Your mind might be addicted to negative thinking; most minds are. You will have to consciously break out of this addiction if you want to attract good energy within you.

Stay conscious and see your mind churning out fearful images. Now, instead of giving energy to these thoughts divert your attention to visualizing a peaceful flow of life. Envision feeling calm and fulfilled. You will be amazed at the positive vibes you feel in your body.


7.) Stop Worrying About the Future

Worry has not served any purpose to this date for anyone. Whatever has to happen will happen, there is nothing you will achieve by worrying about it. In fact what you worry about will not even happen most of the times. So why waste energy dwelling on worries?

You are unconsciously creating a lot of negative energy inside you which is harmful to your whole being. Just plan practically and leave the rest to life.

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8.) Drop the Resentment Within

Drop the resentment within

The past is past, it has no reality than as a memory trace. Can you live in such simplicity? After all if you don’t continuously think up a bad memory you will not feel any resentment within. So just learn to forgive and move on. There is a lot positive energy in the simple act of forgiveness.

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9.) Stay as the Presence Instead of the Ego

The present moment holds a lot of power within. You can tap into this power by learning to experience the present moment fully. As Eckhart Tolle puts it, ‘Be here fully!’.

Whatever task you are doing, try to become fully conscious of it. Be conscious of your surroundings, your thoughts and your actions. Of-course you cannot be present all the time, but do this exercise whenever you feel the need to relax and attract some good vibes.

10.) Be in Nature

Tune into the stillness of nature

A simple way to attract good energy is to be in nature. Just look at the nature around you for a while. A tree or a flower; it just rests in stillness and moves with the wind. There is a peace that radiates from their being. This peace will ignite your own inner true nature of stillness.

You can also consider having some indoor plants. According to color psychology green is the color of balance and harmony. Which is why, having indoor plants can bring a sense of peace to your inner being.

In addition to purifying the air of toxins some plants are known to aid the flow of positive energy as per Feng Shui.

Plants such as Bamboo palm (reed palm), Snake plant, Spider plant, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Devil’s Ivy, Azalea, Chinese Evergreen, English Ivy and Broad-leaf lady palm among others are an excellent option.

Note: Some plants like Peace Lily and English Ivy can be toxic to pets. So if you have pets, make sure to cross check before buying.

11.) Feel the Spaciousness in Your Body

Just close your eyes and try to feel your body from within. You will be surprised at the spaciousness of your body. It feels like a lot of empty space with a few sensations here and there. This inner body realization will free up any stored negative energy. After a few moments of inner body realization you will feel light and at ease.

These are some simple techniques to attract positive energy into your being. This list was in no particular order, but there is a reason why meditation is at the top. Constant practice of meditation can help you gain better control over your mind and the thoughts it generates. This can thereby help you stay mindful and in the present moment, eat and think consciously, release negative emotions and a lot more.




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