Why Vegetarian Diet is Important for Spirituality and Meditation?

vegetarian diet

If you want to live a spiritual life or go deep in meditation or want to excel in any spiritual sadhana then vegetarianism is surely going to help you tremendously.

Vegetarian diet is very conducive for spiritual growth.  Almost all religions and spiritual teachers have given emphasis on vegetarianism.

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Why vegetarian diet is important for spirituality and meditation:

1. When we kill any animal for our food then we not only eat the animal flesh but also its emotions and energy. When an animal is dying then it is in extreme panic and fearful state. all this emotions of fear, panic and anger are released in the animal body. Which in turn are absorbed by our energy bodies and will affect our mental state negatively. Our energy bodies determines the well being of our emotional and psychic state. The non-vegetarian diet is also reflected in our aura.

2. In meditation, we try to raise our consciousness. Men is more conscious than animals. but if we eat non-vegetarian food then it lowers our consciousness and makes us more unconsciousness. Meditation is the path from unconscious state to super conscious state.

3. When an animal is being killed then it is giving curse. This curse will be shared by everybody who will be involved in killing the animal, cooking its flesh, serving it and then the eater. In tantra, they knew about this. So advance tantrics always try to balance the karma with the animal, whose flesh they are eating/using during tantric rituals. I came to know this fact while reading aghori vimalnanda books on tantra written by robert svobodha. Excellent books for someone who is interested in tantra and aghora.

4. Non-vegetarian food makes our energy body very heavy. To go higher in an spiritual practice, our energy bodies or aura should be very clean and lighter. It should not be burdened with emotions or desires. That’s why even in vegetarian food, the satvic food is given more emphasis. Non-vegetarian food makes us more rooted to earth and earthy emotions and thus our soul cannot fly high in spiritual practices or meditation.

5. Non-vegetarian food increases the tendencies of sexuality, violence, anger, jealousy in the person. whereas vegetarian food makes the person more calm and peaceful. Here, I don’t mean that all vegetarian people are peaceful. I am just indicating the qualities which vegetarian and non-vegetarian food has.

6. By killing any animal directly on indirectly, the person generates karmic ties with the animal. as per law of karma everything gets balanced and come back to us. So don’t do anything to others which you don’t want for yourself. Moreover, the spiritual sadhaks try their best not to create new karmas because one has to clear all the karmas before getting enlightened.

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